itsTRU™ Technology

Improving performance flooring - and the lives of people who use it. .

What itsTRU™ technology?

itsTRU™ technology is a manufacturing process, developed by Ecore, used to create customized, high-performance surfacing for flooring.


Rubber waste is intercepted before it gets to landfills and incinerators and is placed into our energy-efficient upcycling process which transforms rubber waste into high-performance vulcanized composition rubber (VCR).


Pressurization develops and captures energy so that out VCR has an increased NRG Factor - our term for a floor's ability to absorb force while returning usable energy back to the body.


Our proprietary itsTRU™ technology process fucion-bonds the VCR to virtually any flooring surface, like turf, carpet, or heterogeneous sheet vinyl.





Wear layer

Most types of commercial and athletic flooring surfaces can be enhanced with our fusion-bonding process.


VCR Backing

Made from upcycled rubber, our vulcanized composition rubber provides a base that balances force reduction and energy restitution to deliver a measurable amount of usable energy back to the body.


Fusion Bond

Proprietary itsTRU™ technology bonds an athletic or commercial flooring wear layer to our VCR backing, creating a flooring product with unrivaled performance attributes. (U.S. Patent #8,728,260)


Can a floor reduce the risk of injury from a fall?

Can a floor improve customer experience?

Can a floor help keep you healthy?

Unequivocally yes.

With itsTRU™ technology, Ecore flooring returns positive energy to the body to help people stay active longer, while reducing sound to create a quieter environment, regardless of industry. Ecore places a premium on safety, ergonomics, and acoustics to ensure our floors can handle the needs of any application, including heavy, repetitive movement and those that require regular cleaning. Ecore offers floors that provide high durability, show excellent wear, and provide low maintenance, making them the perfect fit for both health & wellness or architectural projects.

health & wellness


Engineered for comfort and safety, the two-layered surface is manufactured to reduce the severity of fall-related injuries while mitigating liability and creating a comfortable space to work.

  • Many color options available

  • Provides great energy restitution

  • Easy to maintain and clean

health & wellness

Forest Rx

Available in a multitude of life-like wood visuals and patterns, this floor also reduces the risk of injury associated with falls and offers sound control and comfort.

  • High-quality wood visuals and patterns

  • Easy to clean

  • Perfect for myriad of applications


Did you know Ecore's products are upcycled? We divert truck tires from the waste stream and transform them into innovative flooring products. Through our patented technology, we engineer our products to have safety, ergonomic, and acoustic attributes.


Flooring enhanced with itsTRU™ technology helps people perform better and do what they love longer by reducing impact, supporting joints, reducing fall-related injury risk, and mitigating noise.


As a leader in circular economy technology, we’ve engineered our manufacturing process to remove rubber from the waste stream and transform it into an innovative flooring product.


Crossings Rx

A seamless, easy-to-maintain surface that can lessen the risk of injuries associated with falls while delivering superior sound control and comfort underfoot.

  • Easy to maintain and clean

  • Contemporary, modern design

  • Perfect for a myriad of applications


ECOfit Plus

Designed for bodies in motion, this floor provides enhanced performance while mitigating fatigue and the risk of injury.

  • ECOguard coated

  • Slip and fade resistant

  • Sounds and shock absorbent

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